WSE as a public company

The two decades of the WSE’s growth reached a symbolic dimension when the WSE went public as its shares were introduced to trading on the WSE. On 9 November 2010, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, a symbol of Polish economic transition after 1989, joined the group of WSE listed companies.

A record-high number of 323 thousand individual investors subscribed for WSE shares. The event was truly symbolic and reaffirmed the maturity of the Polish capital market, the confidence of Poles in the concept of going public on the stock exchange, and high evaluation of the WSE by investors.

The WSE’s IPO was preceded by a series of almost 60 meetings of WSE representatives with approximately 300 institutional investors on three continents. This offered a great chance of promotion of the Polish capital market, strengthened the WSE’s international reputation, and consolidated its perception as an institutional institution. The meetings attracted strong interest of international financial institutions to the Polish stock exchange, as demonstrated by demand for shares from this group of investors, 25 times greater than supply. Given its symbolic nature and the unprecedented interest of investors, the WSE’s IPO was dubbed the “IPO of two decades.”


WSE IPO Quotes: 

Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland: 

“Today is a symbolic day … The creation of the Exchange made the dreams of very many people come true. In modern Poland, the Exchange has become a symbol of freedom and a symbol of the proud Polish economy. The Exchange stands for the highest standards and is a symbol of slowly growing trust of Poles in the free market economy. According to our sound but ambitious assessment, the future of the WSE is that of a solid and important hub in this part of Europe.”

Aleksander Grad, Minister of the State Treasury: 

“Privatisation on the Exchange and the growing strength of capital markets stand for determined efforts to build up a financial hub of Central and Eastern Europe in Warsaw. The IPO of the WSE is a great success of investors and the Exchange, a historic day and a key event for our capital markets.”

Ludwik Sobolewski, President of the WSE Management Board:

“I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this historic success. This unprecedented transaction has been completed most successfully. The work on the IPO of the Exchange was a pleasure and a great adventure. It is a pity you can only experience it once.”