WSE Strategy

The Warsaw Stock Exchange is focusing on the fulfilment of needs of its clients: issuers, investors, financial intermediaries and data vendors, by developing products and improving the quality of services in all areas including technologies, operating practices and market regulations. The Exchange is also actively seeking new means, methods and techniques which would facilitate or initiate the use of capital market instruments, thus stimulating to some extent needs of trading participants.

Capital markets around the world have in the past years undergone rapid, dramatic developments. These derive from on-going globalisation and sharply growing competition in trading in both traditional securities and other instruments. National markets are exposed, in an unprecedented degree and scope, to competition of other stock exchanges in their environment as well as alternative trading platforms. Globalisation facilitates the flow of capital but also forces every stock exchange which aspires to become a major financial centre to implement solutions which will attract capital. Consequently, the Warsaw Stock Exchange is consistently pursuing a growth strategy based on two pillars:

  • opening of the market to both Polish and international issuers and investors;
  • turning the stock exchange into a vibrant financial hub of Central and Eastern Europe providing diverse forms of funding and investment.

The WSE is pursuing the first objective among others by developing a network of business partners, including WSE Members – Polish and international investment firms which are intermediaries in capital trading. The WSE is striving to attract Exchange Members including Polish investment firms as well as international and foreign firms – global companies, regional brokers and local businesses. The WSE is attracting foreign issuers by successfully implementing a programme developed in 2006, aiming to introduce companies in and outside the CEE region to trading on the WSE stock markets. A large and diverse investor base and a similar base of issuers of financial instruments strengthen the international position of the WSE. 

The WSE is pursuing the other objective by successfully building a sustainable business model comprised of different categories of financial instruments. The WSE currently operates the main stock market, the NewConnect stock market, a derivatives market and a market of non-Treasury bonds (municipal and corporate bonds), and organises trading in other financial instruments and commodity instruments. As a result, with the growth of and product development in each trading segment, the WSE becomes a universal mechanism addressing the needs of clients who invest capital and clients who raise capital on the stock exchange.